Looking For an Easy & Simple Bookkeeping Solution To Track Your Online Sales?

The Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet is your answer!

Feature Packed Excel Spreadsheet

Inventory Tab

Track your inventory items for eBay and Amazon FBA. Know what is in stock along with the cost valuation

Jan-Dec Sales Tabs

Enter your sales information for each selling platform and it automatically transfers to the other tabs

Year-End Sales Tabs

Year-end totals on separate tabs for both eBay & Amazon. Plus a combined year-end tab for a true finanacial snapshot

Expenses Tab

Track your expenses through-out the year so you know what you have spent and where you spent it

Profit & Loss Tab

All sales & expenses for the year into a P&L Tab plus inventory valuation. Perfect to hand-over to your tax professional

And That’s Not All . . .

Bonus Tabs include a Sales Goal Tracker, Mileage Tracker, Sales Profits Charts, Annual Planning, Notes, & BOLO Tab

Your eSales Tracker

This Excel workbook is packed with plenty of tools to provide Sales Tracking for your online business! And to help you with tax prep at year end.

Instructions and Video

“The Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet” includes Written Instructions AND is Jam-Packed with almost 45 min. of Step-by-Step Video Instruction!! PLUS Email Support for questions!


If you are experienced in Excel, this workbook is easily customizable. It’s set-up for eBay & Amazon but could easily be changed to any other sales venues.

Best Product I have ever used!

I have been using Vicki’s spreadsheet ever since Suzanne introduced it in her Facebook group in 2010! Keeps me organized, I keep up with the entry about once a week and then by time tax season rolls around – I hand it over to my cpa and it is all ready to go! Best bang for the buck!

MJ Burns

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